Search engines still love links. This is something that is pretty undisputed. However, the process of niche link-building or whether you need to build links at all can always be debated.


There are several products, like food saver sealer bags, that do not have links in niche directories. However, they tend to have several links pointing to their website. In most cases, these links come naturally because they get linked to their niche site based on the quality of their content. This is quite recommended if you are after a genuine "authority" niche site for your food vacuum sealer product.


If you are building a niche site for vacuum sealer bags, it is best to build links. The purpose of your niche site is to perform well on keyword research. It must also offer useful and valuable content to your audience. Additionally, it must rank high in search engines. All these would require niche link-building.


A Hundred Base Links


Most people fall into the trap of building tons of links immediately. You can always build thousands of links but you have take note that you run the risk of incurring penalties from search engines. And you would not want this, do you? With this said, you need not build thousands of links. Nor is there an exact number of links you must build.


Nevertheless, you can start with getting a hundred or so links from at least 10 different link sources. These link sources can be in the form of web directories, blog comments, profile links, article directories, guest posts, and social media presence. Through having diversified link sources and link types, you will be able to develop a more natural looking link profile for your niche site.


Web directories are known to be great sources of potential links, and they continue to remain that way. They also remain to be quite search engine friendly. Therefore, you might want to build the initial links to your niche site through web directories.



You can always start with submitting links to your niche site for vacuum storage bags in directories with high PR. There are some that come free and some come at a certain fee. When using free listings, there is a good chance that not all of your requests will be approved. So it is best that you submit at least 50 free directories as a start. You also have to consider that some might not get indexed, so you can expect more or less 10 real links that point to your niche site. If this is fine with you, there is nothing wrong with making use of free listings.


Among the popular methods to earn money in the internet today is through Amazon niche link-building. It is basically attracting potential customers and refer these customers to Amazon and the referrer will earn money. This is a great way to generate money and there are already thousands if not millions of people trying to take advantage of this opportunity. And even though there are already people making money this way, there are still a lot of people who are planning to get their share on this money-earning strategy.


However, for those people who think that anyone can blindly rush forward and make a living with Amazon niche link-building, they could never be more mistaken. In fact, it takes careful planning and execution in order for them to have a chance of earning some money. And if they want to earn big, they need to treat it seriously like any other business endeavors. Here are some tips which can help people start in Amazon niche link-building.


1.            Choose a niche or market - this is the most important part of the entire process. It will greatly affect the success or failure of the endeavor. The right niche even with a shaky strategy can still earn money while the wrong niche with all the right strategy will not earn money at all. The right niche means that the product has a lot of variety and available in Amazon, there is a high demand for the product so a lot of potential customers and as little competitors as possible.


2.            Create a website - the website is like an outlet for business. It is a place where you can gather potential customers and refer them to Amazon. Without a website it is virtually impossible for you to engage in Amazon niche link-building.


3.            Create or import content - the content is for the website. It should be relevant to the products you are planning to sell. Most people would use reviews as primary content since it has a high chance of enticing people to purchase the product. If you are selling the best FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System then you should have a lot of vacuum sealer reviews in your content. If you are selling food saver or food saver bags as your product, then you should include reviews about these products.


4.            Start link-building - link-building includes backlinks and other links. Though you can link other websites from your website, it is better if other websites have links to your website. This is a great way of increasing your reach and presence online. The best sites to consider should be top ranking sites.


5.            Use promotion and other marketing strategies - you can also use other promotion deals or strategies which you can come up to increase your earning. It could be email marketing or video advertising.


6.            Use social networking for advertising - most people using the internet have social accounts. Some even got accounts on multiple social networking sites. This is a great platform to exploit if you want to reach more potential customers and refer them to your site.


7.            Expand your niche - do not be contented with the current niche you are in. If you have the opportunity to expand your niche, do it. This will increase your potential earnings significantly.



Though these steps seem simple at first glance, it involves a lot of planning and meticulous execution. Make sure to read more information about Amazon niche link-building as well as the products you are planning to sell. Do not hesitate to also read reviews for the best vacuum sealer products you are selling such as vacuum sealer bags or food saver bags.


Vacuum sealing was developed by food packing companies as a way to save money. The process prevents spoilage and lengthens the shelf life of food products, especially ones that would be transported over great distances. Vacuum seal storage bags preserves food by hindering the growth of mold and bacteria. When these bacteria reproduce, they break down organic enzymes in food and cause discoloration, rancid odors, and slimy residues.


These not only ruin the quality of food, they can also cause serious illness when consumed. Vacuum sealing also keeps food fresh and prevents freezer burn. Today, it is a convenient and cheap way to protect, preserve, and store food. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing vacuum sealers for your home


Avoid Freezer Burn - When frozen in storage bags, food can easily become freezer burned. The air in the bag is what causes condensation and ice crystal which then becomes frost on your food. Vacuum sealing will get all the air out to prevent it from getting freezer burn, and keep your food fresher and tasting better for a longer period of time.


Preserve Flavor and Nutrients - Frozen meat and other types of food often lose their flavor after being frozen for some time. This is because ice crystals form in the food which causes a change in texture. The food loses flavor when it is heated due to the extreme temperature changes. If food is stored with other types of food, it can also absorb odors from the other food surrounding it, thus taking away its original flavor. Vacuum sealing prevents this from happening and will help your food retains its original flavor and nutrients.


Buying in Bulk - People typically buy in bulk to save money. It is also great to do when there is a sale or if you are planning an event. Since food lasts longer when vacuum sealed, you can buy more food in bulk without worrying about the food spoiling before you can get a chance to consume them.



Meal Planning - Vacuum sealing your food lets you control the size of the portions you seal, which is a great thing for meal planning or dieting. It saves you time and effort because when you prepare the food, you do not have to spend time measuring and weighing because the food is already portioned out when you stored them.